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In an unfinished basement, the ceiling is where you’ll find those unappealing pipes, wiring and air ducts that are essential to the way your house runs. We can take a couple of approaches to creating your basement ceiling, while maximizing headroom to give your basement a nice, open feel.

From drop ceilings to drywall ceilings, we can provide numerous solutions for any basement, especially when you want to make the most out of your space. Without sacrificing the height of your basement, a drywall ceiling is a slightly more complex procedure that will leave your basement renovation looking sharp and professional. Some wires, pipes and ducts may need to be rearranged, but the outcome will be spectacular. After drywalling, the ceiling can be painted, covered in wood paneling or any type of ceiling covering you desire. The addition of lighting, ceiling fans and other features are added afterwards.



We're Your Toronto Basement Ceiling Specialists

An improperly installed basement ceiling can crack, leak and look unprofessional. You need a ceiling that reduces noise transfer, remains problem-free and looks great. Renovating your basement ceiling must be handled with care and experience. Taking the time to do it professionally is worth the long-lasting result of a durable, beautiful ceiling that will last as long as your home itself. Call The Basement Contractors today for your free consultation and estimate for all your Toronto basement finishing and ceiling installation needs. From drywalling to all of your wiring, lighting and electrical needs, we take care of everything so your basement renovation is fast and worry-free. You're in good hands.